Reconstruction Company

Frequently asked question

What is Reconstruction?

Reconstruction is the rebuilding of a structure after being damaged or destroyed, often due to water related issues.

What is Rot?

The decaying of wood by the action of bacteria and decomposition, most often due to water intrusion or exposure.

What cities do you serve?

Cape Coral, Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, Sanibel, Captiva, San Carlos, Pine Island, Bonita Springs, Naples and other SWFL cities depending on scope of project.

What's the difference between Reconstruction and Remodeling?

Remodeling is mostly done for cosmetic, aesthic and functional reasons. Reconstruction is done more as a necessity for structure and safety reasons. Often, remodeling is incorporated with reconstruction.

Why would I need Reconstruction?

Southwest Florida is a paradise, however the wonderful climate can be very harsh to homes and buildings. The combination of high humidity, heavy rains, tropical storms with accompanying high winds, salt water and baking sun can lead to…especially id previous construction repairs were not done properly.

Can I have really have hurrican damage when none have hit the area for years?

Yes, we've found cases where repairs after hurricanes were done improperly as well as cases where damage occurs but the homeowner was unaware.

Wouldn't I know if I had water damage or rot?

Often the home owner does not realize there is a water damage or rot issue. Often there are structural defects that lead to water intrusion internally that unfortunately is not noticed until it rots through to be visiable.

How common is Rot?

Very - even in newer homes! WINK news reported many homes have issues especially those built during the housing boom. You can read the story here.

What about Chinese Drywall?

Many of the homes affected by Chinese Drywall have been remediated or torn down and replaced. It is not a rot issue. We consider these on case-by-case basis.